I’m a single mom of 4. Living with M.S and just a basic life.

For my loves who just need that little word of wisdom, love and to just feel pretty. Let’s take that journey together

A unique approach to the creative process. This blog is filled with the little stuff. Self love,self care, just looking at you For You

Live a life you love; Love the life you Live

Yesterday’s sorrows is now Today’s lesson so Tomorrow can be the Change

She over came so such her smile Holds so much power
As long as I got me I know things will be ok
Full of love full of power undefeated lion

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. You are so beautiful inside and out! An amazing person with big dreams that will be accomplished! The hard times will bypass and you will be able to live that life you are working for. I look up to you don’t let me down lol

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  2. Great reads, I found peace in her words ! And felt every emotion described and was able to meditate off the inspiration I found during my time reading ! Great blog !

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